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Leiden 20-3-2020

Valued customer,

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the unprecedented consequences, we as CAM are taking all the measures possible to mitigate the associated risks to our employees, their families, our customers and their customers “patients”. CAM as a company supplying products and services to both medical device and pharmaceutical companies is cognizant of its role in society and certainly during this crisis.

Consequently we endorse working from home where possible, spreading our work force to reduce the risk of unnecessary contact, introducing two separate production teams and related support functions, increasing our raw materials stock to ensure roughly 6 – 9 months of customers demand, extending our working and production hours and potentially increase the production output to ensure continuous supply to our current customers and potential new customers.


If you have further questions or ideas as to how Cam could assist you in dealing with current challenges please feel free to contact CAM’s customer services at +31(0)715240652 or CAM’s sales and marketing at +31(0)638295084 or

We are in this together and only together we can master this immense challenge.

Best regards

Caspar J Hogeboom

CEO Cam Holding Leiden BV



CAM Bioceramics is a contract development and manufacturing company of Orthobiologic Calcium Phosphates. Our compositions are made from Hydroxyapatite, β-TCP, α-TCP and Biphasic HA/TCP.

Our products are available as coating powders, specialty powders, granules, blocks, and as excipients. Customized calcium phosphates are developed by our highly specialized engineers upon customer request.


Coating powder







r and d

Product development has a key role in our organization. Our specialized engineers develop customized products and revolutionary new biomaterials. As calcium phosphate experts, we assist industry leaders in finding the right product mix and up-scaling into production.


Customized Cleanroom Packaging
Our class-7 cleanrooms, bioburden measurements and excellently trained staff enable us to provide our clients with full-service, customized packaging activities.



HA Plasma-Sprayed Coating Services
CAM Bioceramics is a worldwide pioneer in HA plasma-sprayed coatings. We are specialized in the most challenging and demanding orthopedic and dental implants. 

Company Profile

In the 1980s, we were the first company to develop and commercially produce innovative HA plasma-sprayed coatings on orthopedic implants. Since then, our pioneering work has led to the worldwide adoption of hydroxyapatite coatings. HA Coating was the first step in the formation of what is now an established research, manufacturing, packaging and consultancy organization with an extensive portfolio of orthobiologic calcium phosphates.

As a dedicated contract development and manufacturing organization, we have set up robust processes to manufacture a wide range of products for industry leaders in the orthopedic, dental and aesthetic markets. Our offices and in-house production facilities are located in Leiden Bio Science Park, a leading life sciences cluster. Situated close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and other major European and global logistics hubs, we provide a highly reliable service to customers all over the world.


CAM Bioceramics provides calcium phosphates and related services that consistently meet customer needs and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services.

The CAM Bioceramics quality management system has been developed based on ISO 13485:2016.


Orthopedic implants
CAM Bioceramics’ powders are widely used in the orthopedic industry for plasma-sprayed implant coatings.

Bone graft substitutes
CAM Bioceramics calcium phosphate powders, granules, blocks and putties are used for synthetic bone grafts, as a filler for gaps and voids in the treatment of fractures and major bone defects.

Bioresorbable fixation
CAM Bioceramics calcium phosphate products are applied as material for bioresorbable fixation systems such as interference screws and suture anchors.

CAM Bioceramics specialized dental products include dental bone grafts and implant coatings.

CAM Bioceramics hydroxyapatite is used as an injectable dermal filler.

CAM Bioceramics calcium phosphates are used as a carrier for active ingredients for a targeted delivery and controlled release.