Amber Implants & CAM Bioceramics are very pleased to receive the MIT South Holland grant for the second consecutive year!


The MIT project aims to design and develop new technical solutions to repair vertebral compression fractures. Focusing specifically on the development and assessment of calcium phosphate together with #VCFix to stimulate the bone-implant attachment and natural healing process.

The project is led by Dr. Mohammad Ahmadi from Amber Implants & Dr. Giuseppe Cama from CAM Bioceramics.

The first project (MIT 2019) has been successfully completed in the R&D feasibility phase, and it showed great potential for the improvement of the treatment of osteoporotic VCF.

The second project (MIT 2020) is ongoing and has shown outstanding results so far, demonstrating the possibility of using an innovative calcium phosphate for repairing vertebral fractures.

For further information about the MIT project, please contact our Customer Service department: