Marieke Geertse “CAM Bioceramics is a great place to start your internship “


CAM Bioceramics is a great place for students to gain work experience in a comfortable yet challenging environment that stimulates students to reach their full potential. I started at the company as an intern. During this time I was introduced to the very pleasant working atmosphere at the company. All of my colleagues have been very welcoming and friendly and the guidance I received during my internship has been excellent. My supervisors were very involved, and have always tried their hardest to get the best out of me, both academically and on a personal level. Aside from regular meetings with my supervisors, I would have access to help whenever I needed it. There is not a single person unwilling to make time to help solve whatever problem is thrown at them, and each problem, big or small is considered a learning opportunity.

Although my focus within the projects was the synthesis and (chemical) analysis of the final products, I was introduced to nearly every other aspect of the projects, and company-life in general, leaving me not only with my bachelor’s degree, but also with an excellent base of working experience.

Near the end of my internship I was given the option to stay with the company and work as Assistant Scientist at the Science and Innovation department, a position I gladly took and have enjoyed ever since. Similar positions have been offered to other students at the company, allowing us to continue the development of our academic and professional skills, as we remain a part of the CAM Bioceramics family, while at the same time being offered the flexibility needed to successfully study for our Master’s degree.