Georgia Josmar “CAM Bioceramics, it was a delight working here”

Georgia Josmar "CAM Bioceramics, it was a delight working here"

Thanks to the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere at CAM Bioceramics, it was a delight working here from my very first day. My supervisor and colleagues were extremely helpful, giving me all the information I needed to successfully complete my work. Their openness and accessible nature created a very pleasant work environment throughout my internship.

Being creative, responsible, taking ownership and pushing your boundaries are important skills that students must practice during their academic career in order to be ready to work in a corporate and professional environment. Being an intern at CAM Bioceramics and working on several projects, allowed me to apply and further enhance these skills.

While working on my main project, focused on the synthesis and innovation of a new product, many restraints had to be overcome and multiple solutions had to be found. Consequently, this type of experience provided me with additional clues to help me better understand and successfully deal with the workings of the business world.

CAM Bioceramics is part of the Bio Science Park, which hosts nearly 103 multinational and international companies dedicated to research and practice in the medical field. Being immersed and working in this multicultural environment, my days were either spent in the office, working together and being part of a group, or meeting other students, discovering other cultures and languages. The combination of activities and social connections not only provided new job opportunities, but also gave my life the rhythm that I needed to not feel alone, even when far away from home.