COVID-19 protection measures, Leiden, July-22-2020


Valued Customer / Business Partner,
First and foremost, we wish that you, your family members, and your work colleagues are all not to heavily affected from the COVID-19 crisis. We also hope that the implications for your business are manageable and that your organization will come out of this strengthened.

As mentioned in our message of 20-3-2020, where we said we would do everything in our power to mitigate the risks associated with this COVID-19 crisis, we are now happy and pleased to inform you that together with you, we weathered the COVID-19 storm thus far. We are expressing our appreciation to you for the many productive dialogues during the recent months and being so considerate of each other’s challenges, inabilities, and abilities. Whilst this is a great achievement, it did not come at the expense of any of our employees as we instigated early on, strict COVID-19 protection measures that protected our team members.

Today we are also proud to say that we have been able to serve all our customers and partners worldwide, without any delays and now that we see the first signs of post COVID-19 business recovery, we like to reiterate our gratitude to all that worked so hard to achieve that. We trust that this will set us up for our combined success in the future.

CAM, as a company supplying products and services to both medical device and pharmaceutical companies is and will be cognizant of its role in society and certainly during and after this crisis. In that context we would like to take the opportunity to inform you that during this challenging period we have been able to create adequate inventory of finished goods and RM’s, to ensure continuous supply to our current customers and potential new customers and potentially accommodate sudden fluctuations in demand. We adapted quickly to the situation on hand and it proved very useful for CAM and subsequently for our customers.

If you have further questions or ideas as to how Cam could assist you, please feel free to contact CAM’s customer services at +31(0)715240652. or CAM’s sales and business development at +31(0)7152406 00.

Reiterating appreciation to our customers our employees to support our continued success.

Best regards
Caspar J Hogeboom
CEO Cam Holding Leiden BV