CAM Bioceramics is very pleased that the DARTBAC Project received 9.8M euro funding by the Dutch NWO as part of the National Science Agenda.

The aim of the DARTBAC project is to research new technological solutions to the explosively growing problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The DARTBAC project will focus specifically on the development and assessment of the efficacy and safety of novel antimicrobial technologies for preventing & combatting infection.

The project is divided in different work packages and we are proud that Dr. Giuseppe CAMA, from CAM Bioceramics has been selected as the work package leader for “Antimicrobial technology development – hard tissue.” 

Caspar Hogeboom, CEO of CAM Bioceramics stated his reason to become an Industry Partner as follows:  CAM Bioceramics “in line with its mission, to be the trusted partner for innovative calcium phosphate solutions and services worldwide, aims to assist our customers to improve patient live. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), Surgical Site Infections, Formation of Biofilm on Implants that can lead to revisions are causing pain to many patients and are a burden on healthcare providers around the world. Finding novel materials to prevent /reduce biofilm formation and infections will greatly improve outcomes for patients at reduced cost to society. It makes me proud to be selected as an industry partner, joining this International team of experts, which no doubt will be lead to success by the project leader Dr. Chris Arts”

Dr. Chris Arts stated “We are looking forward to work with our Industry partners. When I heard about CAM Bioceramics interest in the project, I gladly accepted them as a partner. CAM Bioceramics brings over 30 years of expertise and is recognized as an international  leader in the development and production of HA Coating powder and innovative Calcium Phosphate based biomaterials.”

Further information about the DARTBAC project can be found at: https://nwa-dartbac.nl/